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Energy Efficiency Windows

WE’VE just come through one of the coldest winters in many years and we had our most prolonged cold snap since the 1960s.
Today, energy efficiency is a major priority for homeowners. Previous generations waited for their windows and doors to fail before replacing them. Today, our clients recognize the enormous benefits of high performance windows and doors - and they replace them sooner. Immediately, energy costs decrease and resale home values increase.Save more energy by purchasing Energy Star qualified Windows.
Climate change
We are all aware of global climate change and the enormity of the issues for the future of our planet. Buildings and our use of energy in them are becoming more critical and attention is being focused on how energy efficient our buildings really are. If we reduce greenhouse gases even marginally the rate of change will lessen and will impact less on our planet and our lives. There is a definite requirement for us all to work together and ‘do our bit’.
To meet the customer expectations and decided to create a modern energy efficient windows that have got at attractive prices combine with the aesthetic and utilitarian. Modern windows should be not only efficient but provide comfort and safety of the Homeowners. Overall construction trend aimed at saving energy and the continuous increase of its cost makes it more and more consciously choose of the modern and energy efficient solutions. This phenomenon will also be increasing in the intensity in connection with the amended provisions, under which from 1 January 2009 every new building must have a certificate attesting to his so-called energy class. Energy passport.As well as the environmental implications window energy performance impacts on home comfort and running costs.
25% of the heat lost from an average home occurs through the windows and doors.
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