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Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors by ECO TECH HOME SOLUTION

Eco Tech Home Solution is a Authorized Sole Agent of High quality PVC Windows and Doors made by PAGEN Manufacturer.

We are on Irish market over seven years and fifteen in Europe ,our showroom is the biggest in Dun Laoghaire and local area which give opportunity for clients to see most of our products and now we are expanding our business opening our second showroom in Bray .Our sales team and Installation staff was trained in Europe to give you the best quality service on windows and doors .

Eco Tech Home Solution is the market-leading Window and Door authorized sole distributor of SALAMANDER and Schüco Tilt and Turn System in Ireland.

Our company is fully insured and registered in Ireland CRO no: 590079. We do not use subcontractors to install our products so we have full control on quality of our service. The quality of product and staff knowledge makes our window and doors the best product what you can find on the market.

We provide a range of Double or Triple Glazed Energy Efficient Windows and Passive system. Our Windows and Doors are designed to provide optimum strength, superior thermal properties and excellent weathering performance they will retain their pristine appearance year after year with the minimum of maintenance. Our highly attractive windows and doors come in a wide variety of designs and colour to suit your home and are available in PVC, Timber and Aluminium finish.

The Window that acts like a door

Turn the handle by 90 degrees to tilt the window to allow air in, or turn the handle by a further 45 degrees to open the window inwards like a door. We are using the best of tilt and turn fittings to give you a smooth hassle free operation. The glass is easily cleaned from inside and from outside as well (when you open window), in case of fire there is no better window to escape. Internally glazed with a 24 or 36 mm double or triple glazed unit incorporating one pane of Low Iron glass with one pane of Soft Coat Low E glass, and Argon gas filled as standard by Pilkington.

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